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Professional Services:

Assignments Safaris/Trips Licensing Fine Art

Engages in work in audiovisual development,
annual reports,
architecture and interiors,

Available for travel on short notice.

Perfectly fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish; knowledge of French.

Brazilian and European Union citizen.


Mount Roraima    Angel Falls

Andean Altiplano

Are you serious about your photography?
Do you know how to shoot sand? A shadow?
Do you know which is the best time to shoot reptiles and insects?
Can you shoot the sun? Other stars? And the moon?
Can you shoot at night?

If you like to travel, like nature, and, especially, like to photograph, a Photo Safari, which is a trip dedicated to photography, will bring all of these together in an unforgettable experience.

Come and improve your awareness and hone your technique. In this adventure, more than practicing photographic techniques, you will be challenged to alter your perspective; will be encouraged to find new viewpoints. The result will be seen in your photographs.

A Photo Safari means photography is the group's priority. It means being in the right place at the right time to capture those magical moments of light. Throughout the trip, sufficient time is allowed to obtain the best images. The activities and the rhythm will be set by the photographic opportunities. The atmosphere is relaxed, as photography, like other art forms, requires time.

Conversation will often be about photography. The technical, as well as the conceptual and aesthetic aspects will be discussed. With digital photography, analyses of recent images, through constructive criticism, occurs during the trip.

Licensing of images for
commercial use
in printed media,
electronic media,
clothing and decoration,
in a variety of subjects.

Fine Art images
to decorate your home or workplace.

High quality prints in a range of sizes.