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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Since 1991 carries out photographic work in audiovisual development, events, portraits, annual reports, catalogs, architecture and interiors, editorial, for clients in South America, Europe, and the United States.
Stock photographs available for licensing.

Extensive adventure and photography travel throughout the Americas, having been to:


2012 Opened a photography studio:
Photography studio
2010 Opened the Casa de Peter in Cafayate:
Casa de Peter
2009 Started producing adventure trips to the Andean Altiplano.
2007 In September moved to Cafayate, province of Salta, Argentina. Went to Salta, Argentina
Was the coordinator and participant in the Expofoto Foco No Brazil produced by the Instituto Oi Futuro, with images by photographers of the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in Brazil (ACIE, portuguese acronym).
2006 Was the curator and one of the photographers of the exhibit Imagem Fluminense - Baixada em Alta promoted by the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in Brazil (ACIE, portuguese acronym), and sponsored by Firjan, for the World Education Forum - Nova Iguaçu.
2004 The photograph Lightning was selected for The Royal Photographic Society International Slide Exhibition of Great Britain.
2001 Designed and assembled arrays of backlights. With a photographic composition titled Alumiar/Desapagar, was part of the Transfigurations-A Contemporary View of Rio catalog and exhibit held in the Light Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro.
2000 Initiates a series of exploratory and photographic journeys to the Andean Altiplano - the high-altitude plateau that comprises territory from Northwestern Argentina, Northern Chile (including the Atacama Desert), Western Bolivia and Southern Peru.
Ongoing project.
1998 The photograph titled Bahianas in Rio de Janeiro's Sambódromo was selected for the cover of Gráficos Burti's renowned calendar.
1996 Participated in the exhibit Brazil, Who Are You?, promoted by the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in Brazil (ACIE, portuguese acronym), Museum of the Republic, Ministry of Culture, Rio de Janeiro.
1995 Produced the photographic track for the show that launched the album Maquete Brasil, by composer and guitar player Victor Biglione, at the Jazzmania club, Rio de Janeiro.
1994 Exhibited the photographs Rio de Janeiro: City of Lights, Estação Botafogo Gallery, sponsored by the Nacional Bank, Rio de Janeiro.
Projected slideshow in the Conversa do Olhar event, Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro.
Participated in the book Rio de Janeiro-Pictures of the City published by the Banco do Brasil.
1993 Was awarded the Marc Ferrez Photography Prize by Brazil's FUNARTE, Ministry of Culture, to develop work titled The Moon As A Light Source. Ongoing project.
The photographic essay on Rio de Janeiro A City At Twilight, is featured in the Domingo magazine, of the Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.
1992 Was one of the photographers selected for the book Rio Through The Eyes Of Its Photographers, published by the Rio de Janeiro City Hall, to honor the United Nations' Rio 92 conference.
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